Corporate Partnerships

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum complex hosts more than 1,500 events and 1 million visitors per year, creating many opportunities for our corporate partners to get their advertising message to a diverse and dynamic target audience. CORPORATE PARTNER OPPORTUNITIES 

We have created online Restaurant and Hotel Guides. With over 17,000 unique visits to our website every month and 62% of all visits coming from new visitors, your information is presented to our ticket buyers and event guests at the perfect opportunity. For more information, please see the flyers for each. HOTEL - RESTAURANT 
Upper Ring: 32 pixels high x 1216 pixels wide
Lower Ring: 32 pixels high x 800 pixels wide
Ribbon Board Complete Ring: 32 pixels high x 8704 pixels wide
Ribbon Board Side: 32 pixels high x 2832 pixels wide (2)
Ribbon Board Corner: 32 pixels high x 608 pixels wide (4)
Ribbon Board End: 32 pixels high x 304 pixels wide (2)
Lobby LED Display: 48 pixels high x 1696 pixels wide
Outdoor Marquee: 128 pixels high x 240 pixels wide
NOTE: Still images must be 24-bit Bitmap files. Videos or animations must be un-compressed AVI files sized to fit dimensions.
Aramark non-profit groups for concessions and merchandise:
View brochure for more information.