Fans First Coalition

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum is a member of the Fans First Coalition.

Central to the fan experience is the joy that comes with attending a play, performance, concert, or sporting event. Fans expect a good life entertainment experience. We are working together to ensure that’s the case — long after the event.

But sadly, in these last few years, the enjoyment of the experience has waned. The ability of fans to get access to face-value tickets is getting harder to come by, in big part because of unscrupulous scalpers and ticket hustlers.

Fans deserve better. And it’s time to make a difference.

Fans Come First
The Fans First Coalition was established in May of 2011 in an effort to change and improve the ticket-purchase experience for fans by fighting for greater access to face-value tickets and enhanced protection against fraudulent business practices.

Our goal is to ensure that fans get what they deserve — a good event experience, from ticket purchase through the final out or encore. To learn more about what we believe in, check out our mission statement: Standing with Fans.

The coalition brings together fans like you, your hometown theaters, industry leaders, artists and sports teams and prominent voices in entertainment. See a full list of our coalition members here.