Primary Media Contact

Chelsea Wilson
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Phone: (260) 480-3709

Building Check-In (Non-Event Days)

The Memorial Coliseum's regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you plan on visiting the building on a non-event day, you must check in at the Administrative Offices located in the Upper Rotunda area of the main entrance. All visitors should be accompanied by a Coliseum representative or other authorized event representative at all times. Arrangements must be made in advance.

Building Check-In (Event Days)

The Administrative Office is staffed evenings and weekends for Arena events. Media approved to cover or photograph an Expo Center event should check-in with the ushers in the lobby. Members of the media covering an Arena event should check-in at the MidWest America Ticket Office. A ticket office representative will contact the Marketing Communications Coordinator to assist you.

All concerts or family show events require media to possess press and/or photo passes when covering an event. In addition to carrying a press/photo pass, most events require that media be escorted at all times when photographing the artist(s) on stage during a performance.

Building Check-In (Sports Teams)

All of the Memorial Coliseum's sports teams have their own game-day requirements for media covering their events. Please contact their respective office directly, for more information:

Press/Photo Passes & Review Tickets

All requests for artist or performer interviews, press passes and review tickets should be made in writing (email preferred) to the Marketing Communications Coordinator and are subject to the approval of each respective act or publicist. We will arrange passes or put you in touch with the appropriate contact for such requests. Please contact the Marketing Communications Coordinator with requests, questions or concerns. Please allow at least five (5) business days of advance notice to process requests. If you make arrangements with a publicist or promoter directly, please inform us so that we will be better able to assist you with your needs.

Press passes, photo passes and review tickets will generally be available for pick-up at the MidWest America Ticket Office, located just inside the Arena & Expo entrance. Please be aware that requests for passes and/or tickets may not be granted. We will make every effort to contact you in the event that a request has been denied.

Building policies and security needs vary from event to event. If you have arranged for an interview through a publicist, record label or promoter, we do need to have advance notice, so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

Advance Interviews

If a member of the media wishes to complete an advance phone interview with a scheduled artist, performer or family show event, to preview their appearance at the Memorial Coliseum, please contact the Marketing Communications Coordinator to put you in touch with the correct contact. Please allow at least three weeks of advance notice, prior to the time that you wish to complete the interview. Requests will be approved by each act or performer's representatives.

Media Parking & Entrance

Several parking spaces are reserved for media covering an event, near the Staff, Media & Teams Entrance, located on the Coliseum Boulevard side of the Arena (near the plane and eternal flame). Media should enter the parking lot from eastbound Coliseum Boulevard, into the VIP Parking entrance, and stop at the parking attendant's booth to be directed to the reserved spaces. Download Media Parking Map

Parking in the drop-off lane or circle drive during events is not permitted and strictly enforced. This space is for emergency vehicles. Arrangements can be made for vehicles dropping off equipment for live shots or radio remotes. After equipment is unloaded vehicles will have to be moved to an approved space.

Live Shots & Radio Remotes

In order for a television station to broadcast live from the Memorial Coliseum, arrangements must be made reasonably, in advance. All requests should go through the Marketing Communications Coordinator.

For a radio station to broadcast live from an event, a station must submit a written (email preferred) request to the Marketing Communications Coordinator. Approval will be requested from an event's promoter or the building's Event Coordinators and space availability and location will be confirmed. There are two indoor locations where radio remotes can take place: 1) inside the Arena lobby, in front of the Ice Cream Parlor; 2) inside the Coliseum's Rooftop Lounge.

Giveaways & Promotional Items

Media outlets, radio stations or television stations are not permitted to pass out any flyers or promotional items without the prior knowledge and consent of the Memorial Coliseum. Requests should be made through the Marketing Communications Coordinator. Requests should be made in advance and in writing (email preferred). If you have made arrangements through an event's promoter, please contact us so that arrangements can be made.

Media Kits & Promotional Materials

For event promotional materials, approved photos, press releases and bios of scheduled artists or performers, please contact the Marketing Communications Coordinator. If we don't have what you need, we will try to obtain it for you from the promoter, publicist or agent.

Event Updates

For the most updated event information, please visit the Upcoming Events page. To be added to the Media Services' media distribution list, please send an email to

The Memorial Coliseum is prohibited from releasing any information about an event until the event or the promoter representing the artist or event grants permission. Many times the website of the event or artist will announce the information before Memorial Coliseum has the right to make it public. Once we have been given permission from the event and the promoter representing the artist or event, that information will then be listed on our website and announced via press release.

Questions or Concerns

The Memorial Coliseum wishes to provide media outlets and their representatives with all the information and tools required to adequately serve and inform the public. We can only be sensitive to your needs if we hear from you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Marketing Communications Coordinator.