Accessible Seating

There are 2 different options to purchase Accessible Seating at the Memorial Coliseum:

  • Visit and click on the event you wish to attend. Once you are on the page with the interactive seating chart and seating options on the right side, use the Handicap Accessible Seating slider in the top right corner to view accessible seating. Once you have moved the slider to the right, all available options should show on the seating map and on the list on the right side of the page.
  • Visit the MidWest America Ticket Office and speak to an agent in person and ask for accessible seating options.

For more information, visit the Accessibility (ADA) page on our website.


The Memorial Coliseum hosts more than 1,500 events and 1 million visitors each year, creating many opportunities for our corporate partners to get their advertising message to a diverse and dynamic target audience.

If your business is interested in growing brand awareness and increasing foot traffic, contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager.

To advertise in the Fort Wayne Komets' game program, call (260) 483-0011.

For more information, visit the Advertise With Us page on our website.


There are 2 ATMs located within the Memorial Coliseum:

  • In the Arena & Expo entrance lobby, across from the ticket office near the Premium Seating entrance. 
  • Behind Section 220 in the Arena, near the Slice'd Pizza and Wok This Wayne food court. 

Backstage Pass

Normally, backstage passes for concerts are not for sale. Most often, backstage passes are obtained through record labels, fan clubs or radio stations. Rarely, does the venue distribute backstage passes for any event.

Bag Policy

  • Large Duffel Bags and Large Backpacks are prohibited. 
  • All purses or bags, larger than a handheld clutch wallet, will be subject to search in the security screening. 
  • Clear bags are welcome, but not required. 

Bag Policy can vary based on each individual event's policies. For the most accurate information, visit the specific event's detail page from the Upcoming Events page on our website.

Banners, Posters and Signs

Policies regarding banners, posters and signs vary based on event. Generally, these items may be brought into Memorial Coliseum events so long as they are not unreasonably large, and do not obstruct the view of others. 

For the most accurate information, visit the specific event's detail page from the Upcoming Events page on our website.

Cameras/Video/Audio Equipment

Cameras, Audio and Video Equipment policies vary depending on the request of each individual artist or performer. Usually, small point-and-shoot cameras and mobile phone cameras are allowed. Cameras with detachable lenses considered to be professional-length are not allowed to be brought into the Arena. Ushers and security will ask guests to leave such cameras in their vehicles. Audio or video recording is prohibited at most concerts and family shows. The Memorial Coliseum will make its best effort to post each event's camera and recording policy on the website prior to the event. 


Aramark is the preferred and in-house food and beverage service provider at the Memorial Coliseum. Lessees who use Aramark can also get their room rental for free when a minimum food and beverage order is met. 

For more information, visit the Catering page on our website.

The Memorial Coliseum does offer a list of additional approved caterers that can be used for your events. The approved caterers list can be viewed from the Catering page on our website.

The Memorial Coliseum does NOT allow event clients to bring in their own food and beverage for their event. All food and beverage must be provided by Aramark, or an approved outside caterer.

Child Admission

Child admission policies vary depending on the event. For most concerts, sporting events and consumer shows, children who have reached their second birthday require their own ticket. Family shows typically set guidelines at the first birthday.

For the most accurate information, visit the specific event's detail page from the Upcoming Events page on our website.

Unless otherwise noted, all Memorial Coliseum events are ALL AGES.

Club Seats

Club Seats are the two rows of black leather arena seats, just below the luxury suites and above the top of the 200 level sections. Club Seat tickets include food and beverage service, right at your seat, from a full menu of sandwiches, salads, snacks and drinks. The cost of food and beverage is not included in the ticket price.

Club Seat ticket holders gain access to their seats through the Premium Seating level which offers nicer restrooms and comfortable lounge areas to relax during intermission or breaks in the action.

For more information, visit the Club Seats page on our website. 

Code of Conduct

All guests at the Memorial Coliseum are encouraged to:

  • Respect each other as well as our facility staff
  • Refrain from fighting, throwing items, or using foul/abusive language or gestures
  • Keep the Memorial Coliseum SMOKE-FREE by only smoking in the designated smoking area


Concession stands are open for most events in the Arena and Expo Center with a wide variety of food and beverage options.

All concession stand locations take payment in the form of cash, credit, and debit cards.

To view a full list of our concession stands, visit the Where To Eat page on our website.

Door Time

For most concerts and family shows, doors open 60 minutes prior to event start time.

For Komet Hockey games, doors open 1 hour and 15 minutes before game time. 

For the most accurate information, visit the specific event's detail page from the Upcoming Events page on our website.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There are 4 Chargepoint EV Chargers located in the Coliseum Main Lot near Entrance #1 that can charge up to 8 vehicles at a time. During events, the standard parking fee will be charged upon entry to the lot. After 5 hours, an additional $6.00 per hour parking fee will be charged. The Charger Fee is 24 cents/kWh, or approximately $1.50 per hour. The City of Fort Wayne owns and operates the Chargepoint EV Chargers. 


Thank you for your interest in working at the Memorial Coliseum!

The Coliseum and its partners have many open positions available in a variety of departments, including Guest Services, Parking Lot, Ticket Office, Concessions, Catering, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Security, and more. These positions are PART-TIME, featuring event-based work schedules including nights and weekends. 

For more information, visit the Join Our Team page on the website. 

First Aid

Medical staff is onsite to assist you during most events at the Memorial Coliseum. Should you need first aid, please speak to an usher in a red coat. There are two First Aid rooms within the facility:

  • In the Expo Center hallway, near the Appleseed Room and the Expo II-III entrance.
  • On the Arena 100 Level concourse

Food & Beverage Policy

Guests are not permitted to bring food and/or beverages into the facility, with the exceptions of baby food stored in reasonably small containers or baby bottles. 

Event organizers, promoters and staff are also prohibited from bringing in their own food and/or beverage. You may contract your event's catering with Aramark, the Memorial Coliseum's full-service, in-house caterer, or an approved outside caterer. For more information, visit the Catering page on our website.

Fundraising Opportunities

If you're looking for an opportunity to raise money for your non-profit group, please contact Aramark at the Memorial Coliseum. Aramark contracts with non-profit groups to earn contributions by staffing concessions and merchandise sales operations. For details, call (260) 484-6486.


Welcome to Fort Wayne! For a list of local hotels, please visit the Where To Stay page on our website.

Ice Rental

The Arena ice may be rented for practices and other engagements. Rates are subject to change.

  • Prime Time: $350.00 per hour + tax
    • Monday through Friday after 5 p.m.
    • All Day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
  • Non-Prime Time: $275.00 per hour + tax 
    • Monday through Friday before 5 p.m.

Contact Rich Thoma, Assistant Operations Manager, at (260) 482-9502 or send an email.

Ice Skating

The Fort Wayne Komets have open skating sessions following all Sunday evening games on the schedule. A game ticket is required for admission and you must provide your own skates. We do not have skates available for rent. 

Visit the Fort Wayne Komets website to view the current game schedule.

Lost & Found

To inquire about lost & found items, call or visit the Administrative Office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The phone number is (260) 482-9502. You can also call or visit during an Arena event, when the Administrative Office is staffed.

National Anthem

Each team, respectively, handles their own arrangements for performances of the national anthem prior to their games. That is not arranged or coordinated by Memorial Coliseum staff.

Visit the Fort Wayne Komets website to sign up to perform the national anthem at a future game. 


It costs $8.00 to park a standard vehicle (car, truck, van) in the Main Lot and $12.00 in the Preferred Lot, which is accessible via the Coliseum Boulevard main entrance. It costs $16.00 for bus, RV or limousine parking.

All parking booths accept CASH and DEBIT/CREDIT cards. The parking fees are for a single entry.

For more information, visit the Directions & Parking page on our website.

Why do veterans have to pay for parking at the "War Memorial Coliseum"?

The answer is unfortunately complicated. The Coliseum borrowed approximately 50 million dollars, using tax exempt bonds that were issued when the Expo Center was built, as well as, for the Arena expansion and Conference Center project. The tax exempt bonds have "consistent use" requirements from the IRS that state that we must charge all facility users, clients and guests, the same amount for use of the facility. If these requirements are not met, the bonds could become taxable. This would significantly increase their cost and incur a tax liability for the bond owners. The overall operation of the facility would be significantly and adversely affected.

Why can't I turn right in the parking lot, after entering through the Coliseum Boulevard entrance?

There is an additional drive lane that is utilized during peak times to improve the time it takes to get vehicles on the parking lot through the Coliseum Boulevard entrance. We have changed the inbound traffic flow at peak times in an attempt to eliminate vehicles getting stuck in the Coliseum Boulevard-Paul Shaffer Drive intersection. We are still tweaking the process and will allow people to turn right from that entrance during non-peak times. If you need to drop someone off at the front doors, the simplest way to do that is to use the ticket office “circle drive” which enters the Coliseum complex just west of the Paul Shaffer Drive intersection.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Guests can be picked up and dropped off, without paying to park, at the circle drive (Bob Chase Way) in front of the Ticket Office and Arena & Expo Center lobby. This area can be accessed from eastbound Coliseum Boulevard by turning right into Entrance #6 (VIP Parking and Ticket Pick-Up). The preferred parking lot can also be accessed from this entrance. 

Access to the circle drive is limited to 15-minute parking, to allow time to purchase tickets at the Ticket Office or for picking up and dropping off guests.

For more information, visit the Directions & Parking page on our website. 

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items at the Memorial Coliseum include, but are not limited to:

  • Outside Food or Beverage
  • Alcoholic Beverages of any kind
  • Illegal Substances of any kind
  • Large Duffel Bags, Large Backpacks and Coolers
  • Bottles, Cans & Containers
  • Laser Light Pointers
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Air Horns 
  • Umbrellas

Each individual event has the right to set their own policy for bringing weapons/firearms into the spaces that they lease for their event, according to Indiana State Law. When an event has banned weapons/firearms, a written notice is posted via poster or digital television display near the entrance to that event.


Re-Entry varies based on event. For most concerts, re-entry is not allowed; if you leave the facility, you will not be allowed to re-enter on the same event ticket. For Komet Hockey games and other select events, re-entry is permitted.

Resale (Scalping)

Personal resale of tickets (scalping) is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Violators will be subject to arrest for trespassing. Please see a member of our Guest Services staff or manager on duty to report this activity. 


There are no public restrooms available in the Arena & Expo Center entrance lobby when visiting the Ticket Office or when arriving early for an event. Restrooms are available inside of event spaces when they are open to attendees. Please plan accordingly. 


If you're onstage, at center ice or at center court and looking out at the seats, seat 1 is always on the left side of the row. 


Security measures are determined by each individual event, and can include the use of metal detectors, wands, and bag searches. 

Should an event require the use of metal detectors, guests should:

  • Arrive early and leave plenty of time to get through the security screening before the start of the show. 
  • Only bring those things that they absolutely need while attending the event. 
  • Keep moving forward through the screening unless instructed to stop.
  • DO NOT remove personal items (phones, keys, coins) from pockets.
  • Place bags and purses on the table for inspection. 

Service Animals

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum welcomes guests who need the use of service animals when the service animal has been trained to do work or perform tasks for the guest. Guests using a service animal will be responsible for the animals care and supervision, when present at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

For more information, visit the Accessibility (ADA) page on our website.


There is no smoking permitted inside the Memorial Coliseum, as well as within 20 feet of any outside entrance to the building. This includes all e-cigarettes.

There are two outdoor designated smoking areas for the Arena. The first is on the Coliseum Boulevard (northeast) side of the building, outside the 100 level doors that are marked as a designated smoking area. If you are unsure where this is located, ask an usher in a red coat and they will direct you accordingly.

The second designated smoking area is on the patio, outside of the Rooftop Lounge. You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the Rooftop Lounge and use this smoking area.

For Expo Center events, there will be a designated outdoor smoking area outside the glass doors. Please ask an usher for direction, if you are unsure of its location.


The Memorial Coliseum does NOT rent strollers. Guests are welcome to bring their own child strollers into the building for tradeshows or sale events in the Expo Center.


All of the Memorial Coliseum's 24 luxury suites are privately owned, except for one. Suite 501 is the suite that the Memorial Coliseum leases for individual events. For Komets games, the schedule usually fills up fast, soon after the season's schedule is released. Call the Director of Premium Seating at (260) 480-2186 for pricing and availability. 

Texting Service

To report concerns to Memorial Coliseum staff, please text: (260) 408-6099

Ticket Office

The Memorial Coliseum offers several convenient ways to purchase event tickets, including: visiting the MidWest America Ticket Office, online at Ticketmaster, and using the Ticketmaster mobile app. 

The MidWest America Ticket Office is open Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. with additional hours when ticketed events are taking place. 

The Ticket Office phone number, (260) 483-1111, is for information only. Tickets cannot be purchased using this phone number.

Ticketmaster convenience fees are not added when you purchase at the MidWest America Ticket Office.

For more information, visit the Ticket Office page on our website.


The Memorial Coliseum hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions, complete with in-house catering, bar service and other amenities. Spaces include the Rooftop Lounge, Appleseed Room, Expo Center and Conference Center. Select rooms can be split into smaller sections with movable walls to fit a wedding of any size. 

For more information, visit the Weddings page on our website.


We have a limited supply of standard wheelchairs available for guests to use while in the building. Please see a Guest Services staff member, in a red jacket, upon your arrival in the lobby. You will be required to show identification before being given a wheelchair to use during your visit. 


The Memorial Coliseum offers complimentary limited bandwidth WiFi for most events. To use, connect to "War Memorial Coliseum." A password is not required for use.