The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum offers 5,500 on-premises spaces on a lighted asphalt parking lot.

Parking Rates

Parking Booths accept CASH and CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS

  • Automobiles, Vans, Pickup Trucks, Motorcycles: $8.00
  • Preferred Parking (Separate Lot): $12.00
  • RVs, Limousines, Box Trucks, Semis, Trailers: $16.00
  • VIP Lot (Select events in advance): $30.00

Single Entry (No in/out privilege)

Pick-Up & Drop-Off 

  • To access the Arena & Expo entrance, guests can be dropped off and picked up at the circle drive, accessible via Entrance #6, Bob Chase Way, from eastbound Coliseum Boulevard. 
  • To access the Conference Center, guests can use the 2-lane, one-way drop-off and pick-up zone directly in front of the Conference Center entrance, within the Main Lot. 

VIP Parking

If you have purchased VIP Parking from Ticketmaster for a specific event, please arrive at the complex from eastbound Coliseum Boulevard. Turn right into the second drive past Parnell Avenue, marked as Bob Chase Way - Entrance #6 (VIP Parking/Ticket Pickup). The VIP Lot is to the right and the attendant at the booth will process the VIP Parking ticket. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

The City of Fort Wayne owns and operates 4 Chargepoint EV Chargers located in the Coliseum Main Lot near Entrance #1. Up to 8 vehicles can be parked near the chargers and charged simultaneously. During events, the standard parking fee of $8.00 will be charged upon entry to the lot. After 5 hours, an additional $6.00 per hour parking fee will be charged. The Charger Fee is 24 cents/kWh, or approximately $1.50 per hour.