Many individuals live with disabilities that can affect their access to information technologies. Given the importance of the internet, accessibility to the web is of critical importance to people living with disabilities, including people with auditory, cognitive, physical, neurological, visual, and other disabilities.

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (the “Coliseum”) is committed to ensuring equal access for people with disabilities. As potential patrons and employees of the Coliseum, they are important contributors to the Coliseum’s mission, and should not be excluded, but rather welcomed into the Coliseum’s family.

The Coliseum and its website developers will endeavor to maximize the access of people with disabilities to this website. Some of the steps that have been taken, and will continue to be taken, by the Coliseum and its website developers in order to make this website more accessible for people with disabilities include the following:

  • Providing alternative text for images.
  • Providing link text for hyperlinks.
  • Creating content with proper heading structure and clear copy.
  • Avoiding use of images containing text, which may be unable to be read by assistive devices.
  • Improving in-text links, for example, by saying “view menu” rather than “click here.”

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to accessibility, please contact us at